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We are delighted by your visit and trustfully think you will find solutions adapted to your needs on our site.  You may come back to this page at anytime by clicking on our above logo.  Use the left menu for navigation.  Please use the contact form to take personal advice.  Enjoy your visit!

TéraSafe Pro - Professional data storage (NAS & SAN)
We provide affordable, scalable and user friendly data storage systems, while keeping you safe from Internet threats like viruses.  From 6 to 40 terabytes of data in a single NAS appliance.  Up to 10 times less expensive than competition.  No surprises, no additional license to buy, no limits on volumes, other than what you decide.  We even provide solutions for small companies and home, please visit our pages:
TéraSafe Easy for small business and
- GigaSafe, for home use.

TéraSafe Pro = Simplicity + Services + Safety + Scalability - Price

Swiss Safe Storage - Swiss based online data backup
Protect your data securely using Internet.  In addition to the original data, a true backup involve two copies, one at least on a different site.  Offsite backup is the only way to keep you safe from fire, natural disasters or intentional destruction.  Studies show that less than one percent of business do their offsite copies on a regular base.  Managers are complaining about complexity of delocalized backups to explain this exposition to risk.  Fortunately, this process can be entirely automated by using InfoForm's Swiss Safe Storage.  Your data is encrypted and saved without any direct human intervention.

Communigate Pro - Messaging, VoIP, scheduling, global IP Communication
InfoForm SA installs and maintain integrated Communigate Pro mail servers for more than ten years.  Nowadays, Communigate Pro is no more a simple mail server, but indeed a Web 2.0 service providing global IP communication or IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) platform.

Since several years, the voice over IP technology has gained in notoriety with the use of free 'phone' software like Skype.  However Skype - as popular it could be - remains an individual tool which is far from offering the stability, the quality and the many features of a conventional PBX.  InfoForm SA policy is to provide professional tools to integrate the voice over IP (VoIP) at the core of companies.  We either propose solutions based on the OmniPCX Office systems from Alcatel-Lucent, or on Asterisk, the open source PBX, or - of course - on Communigate Pro platform.

Firewalls, by SmoothWall
SmoothWall Ltd., a United Kingdom company distributes its award winning state of the art network security software all over the world.  More than a million networks worldwide are protected by a SmoothWall firewall.  As the unique SmoothWall 'Silver Partner' in Switzerland, InfoForm SA is supporting the entire SmoothWall line of products.  We offer dedicated fault tolerant professionnal systems to install SmoothWall software.  Be protected, use SmoothWall as Firewall.  Combined firewall and web content filtering products are available for education users.

Network architecture and Cisco routers
As a Cisco partner, InfoForm SA offers you its expertise installing complex, Cisco based, network solutions.
Channel bundling on Adsl, heterogeneous VPN, network administration, are example features our engineers can solve for you.

Servers and local network
Apple, Sun, Windows.  Many platforms, many specializations.  InfoForm SA skilled engineers plan, administer and support your servers in homogeneous or heterogeneous environnements.  Take advantage of the latest developpement in technology, secure your data.  Forget your servers, our experts are keeping them safe against all threats.

Program development
For more than twenty years, InfoForm SA is creating and supporting multi platform software interfaces for its customers.  From the global ERP for a transnational company to the undemanding invoicing for the 'round the corner' fitness club, from the integration of complex industrial machines to the programming of barcode readers handhelds running mobile windows, from linking with SAP to the kiosk operated by FileMaker Pro, InfoForm SA offers you styled, efficient and - as our major commitment - user friendly solutions.  Let us develop your solution and cut by five or ten the training time of your collaborators and workers.

Support Services - A la carte
Breakdowns and malfunctions happens in the real world.  Take no risk, and sign a support agreement with InfoForm SA.  Our support team will be pleased to help you whatever the trouble is: hardware, software, network or phones.
From the single call incident to the 24/24 watch service, you'll find what you need.

The education corner
We are committed to educational market's specific needs.  Consult our education pages for specialized solutions.  With the Virtual Principal, based on Smoothwall's web content filtering, we hold the most powerful product on the market.


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